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The excellent R&D team

HECHENG S&T has an excellent R&D team. Team members have degrees from bachelor to PhD. The researchers have been engaged in Polymer Science for many years and published more than 150 papers. They acquired National Nature Science Awards and more than 10 items of other Science / Technology Awards . Their researching fields include Ion-Exchange Resins, Adsorbent Resins, Resins for Solid Phase Synthesis, Resins for Enzyme Immobilization, Chromatography Medias and Hemoperfusion Resins etc. The products are used in pharmacy, environment protection, biotechnology, hydrometallurgy, hemodialysis, food additive etc. The main products of HECHENG S&T are independent research and developed products, and the company owns the intellectual property.

The R&D team of HECHENG S&T also has the ability to carry out various customer synthesis.


Combination of research team with develop team

HECHENG S&T rooted in the Polymeric Chemistry Research Institute of NANKAI University, and still keeps a close relationship. This Institute have been engaged in functional polymer research for more than 50 years, and published more than 800 papers. Based on the research of the Institute, the Chemical Plant of NANKAI University was established as the earliest factory to produce the Ion-Exchange Resins in China. The leader, Prof. HE Bing Lin, academician of CAS, was recognized as “The founder of Chinese Ion-Exchange Resins”. He was also the former Chairman of HECHENG S&T, and the products are developed for advanced applications. Now theoretical research is carrying out in NANKAI University, technical development is followed by HECHENG S&T. The combination forms the special mode of HECHENG S&T, and becomes the company’s technical advantage.

Additionally, HECHENG S&T relies on NANKAI University to set up a technical consultative committee, which is the company’s advantage in inter-disciplinary research.

The manufacture facilities and test instruments

HECHENG S&T was regarded as the high-tech enterprise. The test instruments include HPLC, GC, Particle Size Analyzer, BET Special Surface Area Analyzer, IR Spectrometer, UV spectrophotometer etc. NANKAI University owns the Solid Phase NMR, Electron Microscope, Laser Scattering meter etc. The above instruments can fulfill the polymeric research.

The company is well equipped by facilities for producing resins from particle size 20μm to 1.2mm, as well as equipments for resin purification, solvent recycling etc.

With the facilities and instruments, HECHENG S&T can assure the high quality of products by strictly control of the raw materials, in-processing test, and product test.

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